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  • Ankit

    June 9, 2021 at 9:30 AM

    Does the advertisements are the reason which is encouraging us to buy the goods that we never wanted or will never add value to our life ? This is one major topic of debate on the internet today as some people thinks advertisement inform them about the new product whereas other think it tricks consumer to fall into their trap and make them buy unnecessary products

    It true that companies use advertisement as their primary tool for marketing strategy to lure the customer . They project their product as life changing and no less than miracle to the customer . companies even lies and make false claim in the advertisement about their product to meet their insatiable greed for revenues . They spent huge money in advertisement and cut corners in investing on product qualities . Multi-Million market of fairness cream is an example of these advertisement trap that companies are using from decades to earn money by selling a product which merely have made anyone’s skins looks fair.

    On the contrary the fact cannot be denied that advertisement are primary source of information of any product which is being newly launched and can have solve any of our problem . Also makes us inform about the number of options of one products from different manufacturers and drives a competition in the companies and preventing monopolies . Also advertisement are used to spread awareness among the masses and even used by government to make their citizen aware about their policies and welfare schemes

    To summaries sole purpose of advertisement is not that bad but some companies uses this medium to meet their greed and profits . As consumer we should be Meticulous about the advertisement which are been showed and us and make our decision wisely

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