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  • Rini

    June 9, 2021 at 9:58 AM

    While certain people claim that promotion of commodities lures one to purchase unnecessarily, whereas others talk about how beneficial it can be in improving lives and I can’t deny to agree with both viewpoints.

    Advertisers are aware of the insatiable traits humans posses and they entice consumers using renowned actors and sportsmen who are undoubtedly followed by most people.Eventually, people procure such items to try out the brand promoted by their idol without contemplating the necessity of it.People do not care how contentious the product is as the mob mentality trick is being played very meticulously by the advertisers these days.To cite an example, during IPL the KIA cars were promoted avidly by a bunch of cricketers and the statistics showed how it was purchased in a barrage although a 7 seater car was the requirement of a two member nuclear family.

    On the contrary, new products being projected by advertisers these days help people to adapt quickly from the unconventional ways of using items.It spreads awareness regarding traditional disruptive items and encourages people to shift to modern use of items.Changing over from plastic food boxes to to microwave safe glass containers has spread the awareness about the hazardous of cancer using plastics.

    Therefore, I think that advertisements have both negative and positive impacts on the way people purchase and it is important they question themselves before purchasing any product.

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