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  • rahul

    June 9, 2021 at 5:52 PM

    This is a contentious topic whether the commercials encourage us to procure products with accurate information or it just mislead the information to attract customers. But as per my opinion most of the time advertisement influence us to procure the product which is not needed in our routine life.

    To commence with the need of advertisement in our lives is that it tells us about the features, usage as well as side effects of the product based on which buyer can decide whether to buy it or not. But in today scenario companies are using it as a source to increase its sales as they provide the false information/benefits about the product and customer rely on it before buying the product. Now advertisement is just a way to entice customer and that is the only reason companies engage big celebrities to promote their product in You tube, TV serial or Instagram as they know people can easily trust on this and buy the product.

    Despite of this there are also some other companies which share the correct specification of the product so that consumer is fully informed but to differentiate who is providing accurate or inaccurate detail of the product is very difficult to understand.

    Even to protect consumer from such type of Deceptive practice there is a Consumer Protection Act in the law which give full right to the consumer to file case against the company if any misleading information is shared in the advertisement. But consumer should also be meticulous before purchase as their hard money has been incurred on it.

    To summaries, I must say that we should not blindly trust all the advertisements and be cautious while buying any item. As we cannot stop the companies from the deceptive practices but as a consumer we can take all the precautions to save us from the fraudulent activities.

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