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  • Femmy

    June 10, 2021 at 1:21 PM

    Learning alien dialect is very important , not only the foreign language helps to exchange thoughts with people from across the world. but also learning foreign language increases the confidence among individuals. In this essay , I shall compare the pros and cons of the most suitable way of learning a foreign language.

    The first step to learn a foreign language is to do self- practice. I believe that this is advantageous because learning the language on your own , may help the individuals to understand it in a better way and it is economical. However, this is not suitable at every point as it can cause troublesome situation for students , they would not be able to get feedback from an expert.

    The next approach that students can take into consideration is hiring the tutor. This is extremely beneficial owing to the fact that language trainers can teach the students to understand the advance level along with that trainers, before beginning of the session trainers provide with their guiding material which helps the student to understand better and is not approachable for each and everyone because it may be expensive and not everybody can afford it.

    Finally , the last approach that would be fruitful for the students is to be a part of the group class . On the one hand , group classes are not only interactive but also they interestingly collaborate which can help them to practice the language among themselves. On the other hand, group classes may decrease the level of personal attention and there is a possibility of comparison among students which may end up demotivating some of them.

    I would like to abridge my thoughts at the end by saying that , each approach has its own benefits for student as studying on their own will help to understand the basic level, whereas private coaching will help them to understand the advanced level and subsequently group classes will lead to polishing the skills of individuals.

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