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  • deepti

    June 10, 2021 at 5:59 PM

    Outdoor activities are more beneficial for children’s development than playing computer games. While many would contend this, I strongly believe that outdoor activities provide conducive environment for the child mental and physical health.

    Technology has taken over whole world let alone children. We are becoming dependent on technology since the advent of computers. Children these days are much more smarter and sharper when it comes to using any gadget or online application. They are getting lure towards virtual world. With this Pandemic, schools being shut classes are converted into online classes which requires them to spend more time online. While there is no doubt that it is helping them to complete their learning but simultaneously it has an adverse effect on their health. With the restriction of staying at home children are spending more time on TV, Phones, computers and playing games.

    Playing games on computer increases the chances of weakening eyesight and fatigue and children become complacent towards their health. Many computer games like Pub G and temple run becomes an addiction and children do not want to waste a single minute off these games. Parents must be very meticulous while allowing their children to use internet. It should have restricted access or password. They should give strict timeline to them for playing online games.

    Outdoor activities help building confidence. A child will learn new sports and will get to interact with children of different ethnicity. Many games teach how to work as a group, sportsmanship, they also learn the concept of sharing which is very important if he/she is a single child. It also helps them realizing excess energy. Any outdoor sports are a good physical exercise which helps in physical, mental development of a child.

    To summarize, outdoor activities are undoubtedly a winner. Hence, it is very imperative to develop the habit of it as it helps in overall development of children.

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