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  • Tvisha

    June 10, 2021 at 8:04 PM

    An advertisement is the secret sauce that most multi-national cooperatives use to lure potential customers . They particularly portray the best and most unique features of the product which undoubtedly encourages us to buy things that we do not require

    The ultimate motive behind it is to maximise their sales by showcasing the products benefits. On the other hand It also introduces us to new products that may improve our lives .

    It is generally claimed that advertisements are created to help visualise an unrealistic standard to live up to. They use platforms such as Instagram , Facebook and twitter, as a result the companies are able to project a gripping brand image . One time I kept receiving an advert of really appealing flavours of chocolates and that urged me to purchase more than I should have but unfortunately the flavour was nothing like I expected it to be and that’s when I came to realise that most commercials are quite deceptive !

    On the contrary , there were countless instances where I was introduced to a new product which improved my life. For instance , I saw an advertisement of a new company ,which was promoting homemade breakfast drive-ins. This saved me so much time as I was able to have breakfast during the commute and it was homemade which made it a much healthier alternative.

    In conclusion , Everything has its pros and cons but In my opinion , advertisements still have a more negative impact on the costumers .

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