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  • Rahila

    June 10, 2021 at 8:21 PM

    These days companies are employing different methodologies in order to promote the products they make. There are different views among people regarding the concept of advertisement. Some people think that this may cause us to spend money on things that are not really necessary, while others believe that advertisements expose the general public to new products which might have the potential to make our lives better and which might have gone unused because people were unaware of it. This essay will discuss both these perspectives and explain why i am of the opinion that advertisements are vital.

    On one hand, there are some reasons because of which people might not be in favour of advertisements. A really important one is the fact that they can become a nuisance. These days every nook and corner of the roads in cities are filled with billboards and posters etc. For instance, sign boards depicting important instructions, necessary for following traffic rules get obscured by huge banners causing hindrance to everyone using the roads. Therefore, because advertisements are inconvenient, people have developed an unfavorable outlook.

    On the contrary, there are some who find them quite useful, including me. There are many companies producing a single product. When this is the case, which one do we buy? Advertisement help us in sifting through different variations of a product and assists us in checking the best one according to our needs. For example, while purchasing a mobile phone, advertisements could be used to find out which smartphone has the feature that is being looked out for. Hence, advertisements help us in everyday lives.

    To conclude, advertisements have got both benefits and drawbacks but in my opinion they are helpful and essential for everyone.

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