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  • Mayukh

    June 10, 2021 at 8:44 PM

    In this contemporary world it is often argued that advertisement encourages us to buy things that we really do not need. However, I completely disagree with this opinion and think that advertisement provides useful information about newer products which in-turn helps us to purchase a new product.

    First of all, I admit that through advertisements we come to know about the cutting corner technologies, features and benefits of any category of products that we are looking for, even if some people says that ads often encourage to purchase unnecessary products. To give an instance, I came to know about National Institute Of language (NIL) and its benefits only through advertisement while I was watching an online video on YouTube which truly enticed me to take a decision. That’s why it is more important to view on the positive aspects of an advertisement.

    Secondly, advertisements helps us to know different products that are available in the market, in same category but from a separate manufacturer. Yes, it’s about competition products..!! In other words, it provides a wide range of knowledge about different technical features and benefits provided by any non-identical organization. Thereby, advertisements makes us curious to know the latest things and opens the door to the world to take our decision according to our needs.

    Thus, to conclude, in this current twenty first century is very important to grab the benefits that we can procure through the latest advertisements and we should also let others to get accustomed with this useful tool. Hence, I acknowledge that advertisements tell us about newer products that improves our lives.

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