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  • Gundeep

    June 10, 2021 at 9:48 PM

    The diagrams given below depicts how electricity is produced from wave power.

    Overall, figure A and B depicts the cycle of events taking place when the sea waves approach the sea wall and returns back and how this natural process is used to generate electricity.

    This whole set up is generally located near a sea wall or cliff as it is the place where the waves come and goes continuously throughout the day. The set up consist of a chamber which leads to a narrow column where the turbine is located. Figure A depicts the process in which a high wave approaches the shore, enters the chamber and the positive pressure exerted by this helps in rotating the turbine which in return produces electricity.

    Figure B depicts the process when the waves retreat back, thus creating negative pressure which again rotates the turbine generating electricity. So, electricity is produced both when the waves come to the shore or retreats back.

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