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  • Dhaval

    June 10, 2021 at 10:13 PM

    Hi Asmita,

    Hope you had a relaxing weekend last week after a long business trip. I want to give you an update about my promotions declared last week. I have decided to have a small party to celebrate this achievement on coming Sunday.

    The venue for this party is at Hotel Welcome at Country Side. I know that it is very far from your home but you need not to worry about the transportation. You can take a city bus for the Khanderao Market stop. After crossing the street road towards the Main court, you will get a shared rickshaw for the reaching the Hotel as it won;t cost you much. I will also share the location link on your Whatsapp so you won’t find it difficult to reach to the Hotel.

    Please don’t forget to bring you night clothes as I am afraid that party will last till late night & you won’t find the bus to return to your home. I have already booked some rooms at the same hotel so that you can stay back comfortably at night.

    I am very excited to see you my friend & to celebrate this special occasion.

    Best regards


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