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  • Rahul

    June 11, 2021 at 9:48 AM

    Learning a foreign language is a really a good method of improving your communication skills and keep your brain active as well as young. There are several methods available for studying foreign language, but which one is best is always debatable. This essay explains the positive and negative development of different methods available for leaning foreign language.

    To start with the positive development of each learning method available is hiring a private tutor who teaches you a new language with their full attention as you are the only student in the class and there are huge chances that you will learn the language faster. The other method available is taking lessons as part of class where you can participate in the discussion with other students and can practice talking to other students in the foreign language. Taking online classes is also a best way to learn foreign language for those students who lives far away from the city and there are no coaching institute available in their area so they can save their travelling time with online classes.

    Moving to negative consequence of these methods are taking lessons with a private tutor is a little bit costly as you are the only student in the class and the tutor will charge higher fees. If we go for taking lessons as part of the class, it may be relatively cheaper, but the student will not get the proper attention of the teacher as they must focus on each student in the class. Even taking online lessons is not encourage by most of the students especially those who are not familiar with the technology and there is a need of internet and device to attend the class which anyone cannot afford easily.

    Taking everything into consideration I must say that all the methods of learning have its own merits and demerits but as per opinion the traditional approach of learning in a class is the best way to learn a new language with all other students as everyone can discuss their opinion and can equally participate in the class.

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