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  • Shazia

    June 11, 2021 at 9:11 PM

    It is often argued that advertisements inspire us to buy unnecessary things which are not needed. On the other hand some believe that promotion of a innovative products may enhance our lives.

    In my opinion, I agree that promoting a new product can ease our lives.

    Firstly advertising is a good way to introduce a new product. Even though some products are of no use .

    For example, if we see a new thing at any grocery store we will have a look on the ingredients, They are using in that particular product, analyse that whether the product is having any chemicals which is harmful to our health.

    If the quality of the product and the ingredients used are beneficial we can go for it.

    Secondly good products can improve our health. In some groceries we will find packed healthy food’s like salads, diet food and fresh sliced fruits etc. It is always important to choose nutritious food. Advertisements lure the costumers to buy products.

    In conclusion I believe that advertising a new product is good unless it is of our use.

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