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  • Femmy

    June 14, 2021 at 1:09 PM

    The decision to spend money lies in the hand of government. While some progressives claim that the funds should be allocated to some other vital sectors, and some traditionalists claim that the money should be spent on arts. In my opinion, I think that these two hold equal importance.

    On the one hand, arts aid in understanding the cultures and traditions of the country . To explain, whenever people visit monuments and art gallaries, they gather abundant knowledge by looking at the pictures displayed and also some of the famous artists mention the important information related to the showcased art which further helps the commoners to understand the true heritage of the nation . For example, National gallery of modern art had displayed art related to history where the real lives of the early aged people is exhibited and also which trends were being followed by those people and by seeing this , and individuals can frame a better picture in his or her mind .Therefore, government should allot money on arts for people to understand the roots of the culture.

    On the other hand, higher authorities should also allocate funds to the development of the nation. To clarify, if the government spends money on the education and employment sectors, the individuals can learn and prosper in a better way which will further help the people to fetch jobs and consequently this would help the country to progress. For example, countries like Singapore and Canada are more developed not only because the education rate is high but also because people are not facing any employment challenge , in contrast to this , in India the literacy rate is low and employment is rampant . Thus, for these reasons, education and industrial development should be focused upon.

    To encapsulate , arts do enlighten people about the culture and traditions of the nation and they are entitled for enough funds, however, other sectors should not be ignored, which are the building blocks of a nation.

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