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  • Rini

    June 15, 2021 at 10:38 AM

    It is during the global pandemic that we resonate the importance of simple preventive measures over getting one hospitalised for treatment.This essay will elaborate the need for prevention in the medical field and the effects of the hazards caused when we relied solely on curing the disease before it erupted.

    It is observed that after the coronavirus outbreak, wearing masks improved the health of citizens and this protected people from being susceptible to common flus and congestion but if we ponder about it, it was already being practised by certain countries and the ratio of them being hospitalised were way lower compared to the others not wearing masks. Washing hands diligently reduces the risk of contracting harmful germs thriving in your hands, again restricting ill effects occur in the body. We have a tendency to touch our palms over our face quite often and this is why sanitisation of hands acts like the first hand defence preventing germs from entering through our nose, eyes and mouth.

    Small preventive measures when taken seriously can avoid one running in and out of hospitals to find cure and often cure is associated with a barrage of medical bills or incomparable losses of our dear ones.It also brings into light how ineffective our medical equipments or infrastructure turns out in dire situations. Spending finances over preventive measures can reduces such risk.

    To conclude, although funds need to be allocated for prevention methods it is also important to invest in curing diseases as it is vital in the sustenance of life.Furthermore, it is important to expend money in the treatment of ailments as it is always not under one’s control to prevent all diseases that stumble one’s way.

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