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  • Jasmeet

    June 15, 2021 at 10:46 AM

    Health is wealth. The way people look after their wealth should be implemented onto our health also. It is always better to take care of things in the prior stage which can worse later on. In this essay, I will be true to the statement that yes, ” Prevention is better than care.” using few examples.

    From our upbringing, it is always taught to us to take care of our health in numerous ways. For example, our mother keeps on asking us to wear warm clothes in winters, take umbrella in rainy season if going out. That is the first step taken to prevent any illness. In the same way, in this coronavirus pandemic, government is laying efforts to educate and warn the people of their country by asking them to wear masks if stepping out, to keep social distance, sanitizing and washing hands frequently to prevent getting sick from Covid 19 as the cure turns out very costly.

    The government should educate the people regarding all the preventive measures in the rural as well as slum areas where most of the diseases originate due to lack of knowledge. For example, avoiding smoking can prevent cancer, less sweet eatables can prevent diabetes. The more of parks should be constructed, playgrounds which can influence the people to do exercise and keep themselves fit and healthy. All this can be possible if more of funds would be invested and a certain budget should be allocated by the government.

    I would like to conclude by saying that better to avoid illness than to find ways to get rid of it as the treating and researching cost may be too higher that people end up spending their everything and left with nothing. Hence, more of health education should be provided to citizens by government as a part of their school curriculum to children, on the TV, radio shows etc.

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