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  • Faizal

    June 15, 2021 at 10:58 AM

    In the globe, lots of people are dying due to several decease because of insufficient facilities and lack of education of curing it.This is why authorities should fund health education and experimental laboratories of curing diseases. This essay will explain why preventive measures are better than researching and curing it.

    On the one hand, our ministry spending bunch of money in experiments to treat and cure several diseases. Taking vaccines of different disease can help to stop it before its occurrence. It is advisable to provide vaccine of polio, after some days of birth of new born. There is no meaning of cure in polio disease after it occurred. Because of that the person will be permanently disable to walk or moving other parts of the body for lifetime.

    On the other hand, ministry spend enormous amount of cash on various health problems like heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure. These all can be prevent by providing proper knowledge of eating habits, teaching some routine exercises, and taking some routine checkup of food chains can result in reducing of health issues. For example, teaching individuals benefits of eating healthy food, making recreational areas for exercise purpose, and also regular checking of food quality of famous food chains can helps to prevent diseases. Treatment of these diseases is very expensive and painful.

    In conclusion, preventive measures are cheap and non-disturbing, while making cure of some health problem can irritate citizens and the regime economically and mentally. Therefore, government should spend big amount of money for health education and preventive measure.

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