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  • Rini

    June 15, 2021 at 10:18 PM

    Crimes have increased to a great extent in the current day ranging from juvenile to massive cyber crimes.While certain section of people associate reduced number of crimes by increasing the criminal’s imprisonment whereas there are others who believe criminalist behaviour can be changed implementing different ways to combat it.In my opinion, we should adopt multiple ways to fight this concern which will eventually prevent further mishaps in occurring.

    Kleptomania is seen in many people which is caused due to an underlying health issue.Most often, the person stealing neither has the intention nor is aware of the fact that he is going to steal.In such situations, punishments does not treat the issue but counselling and psychological medications enable them to lead a normal life.In most researches that have been done on criminal minds, it is found that childhood trauma is one of the major cause where extreme poverty and inhumanness faced by children right from their young age induces criminal thoughts to survive tough times.

    Providing shelter homes and a job to sustain gives wrong doers a sense of wellbeing and this motivates them to refrain from doing crimes.Education plays a pivotal and a vital role as it makes one aware of the hazards crimes can cause to themselves and the society.Sometimes, it is also observed certain crimes are done to gain societal respect that was denied for various reasons.Hence, showing some respect changes their mentality towards crimes.

    To summarise, punishment should not be adopted as the only way to surmount high criminal rates but finding different ways to fight this concern will help individuals and the society as whole in eradicating crimes. However, it is important to admit that criminals should pay a penance for their deeds.

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