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  • Rini

    June 15, 2021 at 11:11 PM

    In today’s era with the advanced development in the modes of transportation and communication, it has given a plethora of opportunities for people to explore outside of one’s country and I perceive it to be more advantageous and beneficial although there could be few demerits as well.

    People need human touch and comfort that one’s home provides for the individual cannot be matched to any experience because we are ultimately social beings. While we experience contact through a lot of internet enabled applications, we will still feel the necessity of being around our loved ones.However many applications mitigate this problem by providing high definition real time video calling experiences.

    Subsequently, travelling to a new country is extremely beneficial for one’s holistic growth as it deepens the overall knowledge of an individual. This is enabled by easy modes of transport like air travel, underground trains connecting two or multiple countries along with wireless communications. The infrastructure is further being developed to hyper-loops aiming to reduce travel time by hours between countries and fibre optic cables increasing the internet speed by leaps and bounds. Modernisation and technological advancement also provides opportunity to people to explore their realm of space which in return improves the GDP of the country they reside in.It is also enables people to explore places known for their scenic beauty ,culture and historical traditions especially with the help of navigation applications which work based on satellite provided geo location points.

    Although there are disadvantages of travelling and settling abroad, the advantages are more significant with respect to one’s lifestyle and future growth and it correlates perfectly with the freedom of moving into another country.

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