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  • rashmi

    June 16, 2021 at 12:09 AM

    Health is an omnipresent concern for humans since ages, promoting steps for thwarting of illnesses rather than massive avoidable expenditure needed for treatment so also the intrinsic research needed for it, is undeniably the need of the hour. In my perspective, avoidance of the disease per se ought to be pivotal in lieu of struggling for a cure thereof. This essay elaborates the major reasons for this opinion.

    At the onset, administrators world wide have been utilising the exchequer, in investigation and cure of diseases, often necessitated as masses indulge in un-healthy and sedentary lifestyles leading to several ailments like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, with almost 40% of the Indian population for instance, have been found to be suffering from one of these, as per a recent study conducted by a healthcare magazine. Had these people made little efforts to prevent, they would have necessarily avoided these unwanted repercussions. Protection of environment is an excellent analogy where saving a tree is much uncomplicated than planting and growing one. Likewise, immediate corrective steps, by providing sports facilities and recreational amenities in schools so also in work places, shall definitely aid the effective control of the peril itself and save the consequential financial burden on the state in providing treatment thereto.

    The healthcare system with laudable advancements in diagnostics, surgeries assisted by artificial intelligence and even robotics, however does not take away the tragedy so also the agony brought by sickness even as minuscule as a migraine. Moreso, ill health is accompanied by stress, anxiety, discomfort not only to the patient but to the entire family apart from the financial dent created in the resources of those affected. These accompaniments alone, are enough to inculcate the diligence and will power to avoid the occurrence itself, which will be advantageous for the country as a whole, enabling the pecuniary resources to be utilised more fruitfully. For instance, incidence of lung cancer which is widely prevalent, has been proven to be mitigated by quitting smoking.

    To conclude, it is indisputable that prevention should have precedence over cure in every aspect of life, more so in case of health, given the adverse impact of disease and its treatment, on the physical and financial well being of the society. Governments should focus on creating awareness about the preventive steps for different ailments to avoid the incidence itself.

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