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  • rahul

    June 16, 2021 at 12:38 PM

    There is no doubt that researching and treating diseases is expensive and time-consuming. In my opinion, prevention can help reduce the expenditures and divert those resources in preventive measures.

    It is essential to consider the time and capital required to find a cure. Many countries don’t have enough allocated budget and manpower to do the research. They depend mostly on other nations for purchasing a vaccine or medicine which is low-budget and effortless. Furthermore, the cost can be lowered by reducing the impact with various preventive measures. For instance, keeping regular hygiene and exercising can reduce the risk of various chronic and heart diseases.

    Most of these suffering and issues originate from rural or slum areas where people indulge in unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles. The government should educate the importance of hygiene and spend money on providing affordable homes with toilets for people below the poverty line. Moreover, the resources can also be used in building parks, playgrounds, and numerous sports facilities which can influence people of all ages to take up physical activity, leading to a healthy way of life and avoiding unnecessary medical bills.

    To summarize, prevention not only assists us in leading an ideal life but also aids the government to utilize our hard-earned money for the welfare of society. In my view, the advantages of prevention outweigh the drawbacks of finding a cure and the government should begin tackling the issues by considering some of the solutions proposed above.

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