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  • Karthika

    June 17, 2021 at 12:31 PM

    As the world becomes more interconnected with the growth of technology and social platforms, fact based information regarding healthy lifestyle are shared and followed by people. Undoubtedly, this lifestyle is embraced and endeavoured by most of the population, is to avoid any ailment or disease, and there are significant reasons behind this fearful embrace.

    Firstly, one common quality that most of the humans poses, with respect to bodily discomfort is low endurance capacity, especially with kids and elder citizens. We force ourselves to be fit, by practicing yoga, exercise and following diet plans, just to refrain from pain. For example, when my nephew was suffering from toothache, which could have been avoided by consuming less sweets, chocolates and proper dental care, we panicked and rushed to dentist for root canal and filling treatments. Eventually, my nephew averted all sweets, evidently to avoid suffering.

    Secondly, affordability, plays a vital role in destitute people not only with their survival but also with health problems. It would definitely devastate them, when they confront any costly treatment or surgery, along with other factors like family support and parental responsibilities. Unlike affluent society, impoverished people’s mental agony is more on monetary aspect than on physical pain. One such instance happened to one of my acquaintance, she had to leave her father die, who was diagnosed with a rare stomach cancer, because of huge treatment cost.

    Conclusively, people are definitely not immune to body ache, unless they are superhero’s or godly beings. We all if not respond at least react for any pain, which stimulates us to take proper care of ourselves. Obviously, this care prevents us from both physical and financial serious consequences.

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