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  • Gundeep

    June 17, 2021 at 1:56 PM

    There are many serious concerns all over the country that the government must pay attention to before emphasizing on art, although art represents the heritage of a nation, so some grants should be designated for the same. I agree with the notion that the funds devoted to art section can be better spent elsewhere where it is really required.

    There are a lot of reasons which should be dealt, firstly the current unemployment rate in India has considerably increased in the past decade and due to this many people are dying from hunger. Secondly, India lags behind in health sector with only 3.5% of the total GDP invested in health, whereas America has approximately 20% of their GDP solely for the health sector. Thirdly, improvement in the infrastructure is required for a better transportation. Although in the past few years there has been a lot of improvement in the communication and transportation sector but there is still scope for improvement. Most importantly, the education sector needs a lot of development with better government schools, professional courses provided by the country and funds for innovative research projects.

    However, some people believe that money should be invested in arts as it is a part of our culture, but in my opinion, money could be better spent elsewhere rather than spending on building new attractive art galleries or repairing the historical monuments for example the Old Fort of Delhi is undergoing a major remodeling with a total budget of approximately 5 million whereas it should be considered that art is not a critical aspect for sustainability of human life.

    To conclude, supporting art is important to keep the heritage alive but not at the cost of compromising on other major issues.

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