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  • Karthika

    June 17, 2021 at 2:09 PM

    Most of the population would look forward, from the government, for betterment of the society, by investing in all essential fields rather than trivial ones like arts. I strongly agree and believe that authoritative powers of any country should prioritize in allocating budget to vital sectors.

    First and foremost reason is financial requirement or survival needs of an individual is important than leisure or entertainment. Furthermore, the government must streamline and invest in increasing employment opportunities for the people , who barely cares about arts, to quench their basic necessity. For instance, one of the state in India showed keen interest in erecting a statue that costed around millions, when unemployment percentage was surging dramatically. Fortunately the plan was dropped by the government due to public pressure.

    Secondly, poverty and hunger are common among destitute people, who languish in it for generations, desperately depends on the governments schemes for betterment and well being. Adequate funds must me allocated and organized by the government to uplift them, despite deliberately wasting on enhancing arts. One such incident happened, where poor people in a village created chaos and clamour, to provide basic amenities along with additional privileges from the government for their well being.

    Conclusively, when people are unemployed and suffer from poverty they hardly acknowledge the governments involvement, action and result in arts. So, in spite of spending or investing money in arts it would be worthwhile in investing on peoples upliftment and prosperity

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