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  • rahul

    June 17, 2021 at 6:51 PM

    In this era of digital revolution advertising is something which is part of a every human’s life who consumes any sort of digital media . It is no longer a conventional sign board or tv commercials instead it has been done all over the internet through brand integration in stories, youtube series , musical albums and websites.

    Talking about the effect of advertisements I believe all the adds are customized according to the person’s search history as well its searching patterns so sometimes it do help the consumers to find the right thing directly on the other hand it also invades one’s privacy by storing their data which is contentious.

    In hindsight I believe it always depends on an individual how they respond to an advertisement for example some people do overspend to procure the lavish thing which might not be useful for them on daily bases in that cases the search engine will keep on advertising those things to them but for others they might selectively choose the items based on their needs irrespective of the amount of advertising done for it .

    In conclusion , yes in some cases advertisement does cause some sort of subconscious effect on brain to by showing same add on different platform so that user can purchase irrespective of the need but it also shows one’s thought process or how deeply we think before spending our money .since it’s the job of the advertiser to promote the product similarly it’s our job to be meticulous that we buy only those things which are essential not luxury and keep a conscious eye on deceptive advertisement .

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