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  • Abhi

    June 17, 2021 at 7:03 PM

    Research and treatment of diseases are highly expensive, so some people think that investing in areas of prevention would be more appropriate. In my opinion, disease prevention is paramount in providing a healthier and a happier society, research and treatment are vital as some diseases are not preventable.

    One good reason why the authority should invest in preventive measures is because it is a sure way to a happier and a healthier society. There should be screening for early detection of certain diseases, as cancer, is very costly and can only be accessed by a few individuals. If funded by the government, almost everyone would benefit, enhancing equality and creating happier people. A healthier nation would emerge resulting in an increased number of individuals who are physically fit, a greater workforce.

    An increased workforce means a boost in the economy, which is very important, especially for any country that wishes to be leading.

    On the other hand researching and treating a disease condition is vital as some conditions are not preventable. To illustrate, hypertension and diabetes mellitus are known to be familial, and therefore would need adequate attention in the area of cure. By so doing, much financial burden would be relieved from patients, increasing their life span and reducing mortality rates. Also,funding a research work is very essential.

    In conclusion, while it is essential for the government to fund a disease control because of its role in ensuring a better nation, the importance of researching and treating diseases should not be neglected is because some ailments are not preventive, and through research, new and effective methods of managing a patient are generated.


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