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  • Shyam

    June 17, 2021 at 7:21 PM

    Before this pandemic developing countries government leaned toward to defence. But these days every country has increased financial budget of health and education system. Now governemnts also know if they educate their people how prevention is fruitful than cure. In below para I will elaborate more about disease outbreak, road and machinery safety.

    Few years back, only few seminars were conducted by authorities about road safety like wear helmets on two wheeler, drive a car in own lane, follow signpost and use zebra crossing and it worked in tremendous way.

    It is truthfulness that people who did some preventive measure in this pandemic like maintaining social distance, used alcohol based sanitizers, not doing gathering and wearing a mask were safe and restraint this disease and other side who show frown not take prevention pay a huge loss physically and financially like paid large amount in hospital and were bankrupt.

    Although some people argue that it is totally waste of money, time and overload on budget, so rather than doing these should construct hospitals. People will not understand these preventive methods as these are long-term beneficiary.

    So in conclusion, small preventive steps can help us from big problem. And government should focus on small seminars, advertising, hording with showing affect of diseases as they did on tobacco, H1N1, cancer and smoking with displaying image or lung, mouth. These give sudden impact on people mind.

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