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  • Shazia

    June 17, 2021 at 7:29 PM

    Art is a form of culture which reflects the heritage of a country and nation. It is often argued that the government is spending its finances on the art and this money can be invested somewhere else and make proper use of it.

    In my view , I completely disagree that the authorities should spend a large part of its budget on art rather than spending on the public services. However spending finances on art is also essential but in a proper way.

    Firstly, spending some amount of budget on arts and culture is essential. To begin, it is difficult for many arts institutions to generate much profit, so without some help from the government, many theatres and other such places may have to close. Moreover, the arts also have an important impact on our quality of life. Many people get great pleasure on going to art exhibitions and also there are many historical places where arts of our ancestors can be seen. so it is important that the government should assists such institutions so that they can continue to provide entertainment to the public.

    secondly, In country like India with vast population and many other countries such as somalia where there is more poverty. There are several reasons for spending a significant amount of the government budget on public services. First and foremost, public services are the things such as hospitals, roads and schools, and these things determine the quality of life . For example, if the government does not spend enough money on hospitals, the health of our society may decline. Similarly, if not enough money is spent on schools, our children may not be properly educated. Also, it will be the poor in our society that will be affected more .

    In conclusion ,large amount of budget should not be spend on art but it should be upto some extent . Mean while spending money on public services is also important as it impacts the life and welfare of the society.

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