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  • Dhaval

    June 17, 2021 at 9:25 PM

    The table illustrates the percentage results of good results being given by students of McGill University during surveys in 2005, 2010 & 2015 for different aspects like teaching quality, Library resources, Student Services, range of Modules offered and Sports & Social facilities.

    As per the table, for student service aspect the ratings showed a continuous increase over the period. Starting from 54% in 2005 it showed a significant increase to 81% in 2010 & continued to increase upto 95% by end of 2015. On the contrary, the Percentage decreased continuously over the period. Starting from 39% in 2005, it reduced to 31% in 2010 & continued to decline to 25% by 2015

    Whereas for the Teaching Quality, Library Resources the Percentage increased by a very minor value over the period. For Teaching Quality it decreased from 74% in 2005 5o 72% in 2010 & again increased to 78% in 2015. SImilarly for Library Resources the Percentage has increased from 86% in 2005 to 88% in 2010 & reported a little reduction to 87% in 2015. The Sports & Social Facility have reported no change in Good rating as 65% over the period.

    So based on the above survey it can be concluded that Students of McGill University were happier with the University offering on Teaching Quality, Library Resources & Student Services over the period but the Range of Modules over were not meeting the expectation.

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