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  • Raghav

    June 21, 2021 at 9:43 AM

    A few people are of the opinion that playing physical sports are more beneficial for a child’s development than computer games. In my viewpoint while computer games can keep children protected and secure, indulging in outdoor activities can add a lot of health benefits and skills, which are beneficial in the long run.

    Detractors of the statement would discuss the safety advantages of playing indoor games where children do not have to step out of their houses and parents can easily monitor them. Children going out and playing are generally susceptible to a lot of wounds, injuries etc which are common while playing. Moreover, parents have insecurities like children might be exposed to crimes such as kidnappings or murders. Although all these are valid concerns for parents because of the unconditional love they have for their children, these are not very common.

    Playing outdoor games can provide a conductive environment for maintaining good health. While playing sports it is a great cardiovascular exercise for children, it positively impacts a child’s mental health as they can get some time of their studies and feel independence and freedom for some time, where there is no one to instruct them what to do and what no to. They also benefit from learning the new life skills which they learn from different sports for example, playing cricket together teaches teamwork, football teaches coordination etc. We have generally seen children who play outside are more friendly, adaptive, and readily helpful others who play indoor games are more introverts and less social.

    In conclusion, although computer games can keep one’s child safe it does not provide them with the advantages of good physical and mental health and some life characteristics. Local governments should take initiative of making safe and secure playing zones, parks for children so that more parents are encouraged to send their children outdoor to play.

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