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  • Jasmeet

    June 21, 2021 at 9:44 AM

    It is often argued by some people that outdoor activities are more beneficial for children’s development than playing computer games. I completely agree with the given statement. The following essay will discuss the benefits of outdoor activities over indoor games played by the children.

    Outdoor activities provide a conducive environment for maintaining good health and strength. Naturally Vitamin D is absorbed by the youngsters when are out. It fosters the process of metabolism and digestion whereas the indoor games negatively impact the moral development of a child and they become complacent towards their health. It also enhances their mental health. The more they will utilize their time outside playing with friends the more they will learn social skills, engaging in different activities will help them to learn sharing skills too which will surely help them in future.

    On the other hand, the indoor games played by the youngsters are more susceptible to certain illness than adults are. The more time engaging in indoor activities is one of the key reason pupils are suffering from obesity these days. Computer games may be responsible for children’s abysmal performance in school. For example, children spending ample time on screen are unable to focus on their studies in school due to various health issues which include eyes strain, back pain, being lethargic.

    All in all, parents play a vital role in their child’s health. Spending time with them in outdoor games and making them understand the importance will surely encourage them as children’s minds are malleable.

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