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  • Shyam

    June 21, 2021 at 6:48 PM

    Activity and games are immunity booster for children. Both outdoor activity and computer games have their advantages and disadvantages. But from my point outdoor is more strengthening and fruitful in spite of computer games. Below I will explain my thought.

    As modern era is of technology and children are bending more toward games like free fire, puzzles and word match dictionary and many others. No doubt, games on the gadgets are enhancing their IQ also making them aggressive as well, which itself is dangerous. But parents can keep eyes on them at home.

    On other side outdoor activity has numerous advantages. Children and adult who play outdoor games like cricket, soccer, badminton, basketball teach them teamwork with coordination, swimming, lawn tennis and chess are individual and strengthen their concentration. Children who plays any games have better fitness as compare to those are not part of any physical activities. With outdoor games they are disciplined, learn teamwork, punctuality, no laziness(prompt in action), socially active as well. Outdoor activity provide them good environment, fresh air and also maintain good health. But children safety, harassment and kidnapping are main concern in outdoor activities.

    At end, outdoor activities are more fruitful to make them strong mentally and physically. Rather than spending time on games on computer we must motivate new generation for outdoor games.

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