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  • Arsh

    June 22, 2021 at 12:27 AM

    Tourism has increased rapidly over the last few decades because of the travel companies providing packages at a much cheaper cost , that would be easily accessible to everyone irrespective of their financial status. In my opinion , there are equal pros and cons when it comes to tourism which we would discuss in the below paragraphs.

    It is apparent that by visiting different places one could learn a lot about the culture and values that the local people over their follow which would further boost the economy. For example , every year thousands of tourists visit Taj Mahal because of the historic values that it has , that would further add value to the economy of the country as the price international tourists pay are more then what the local pays.

    However , their are many negative points that can not be ignored and one of them is disturbance to the environment. Although, some of the places has great significant value which attracts tourists but results in over crowdedness and could easily hamper the work of local people. Pollution being one of the other concerns as when the number of tourists increase , the requirement of vehicles and hotels would also rise. Unfortunately , this results in cutting down of forests to make new hotels , thus disturbing the environment.

    To summarize , I would like to say that tourism when it happens in a controlled way such that it does not effect the regular life of local population can be of no harm. This can happen only when it is monitored by the authorities that at particular time only a certain amount of travelers can visit.

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