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  • E Anjali

    June 22, 2021 at 9:29 PM

    Tourism has been one of the major aspects in boosting economy of various countries and results in increasing job opportunities. However, the increasing rate of tourism can cause negative impact on local inhabitants and the environment which can outweigh its advantages. The opportunities and obstacles caused by tourism is discussed below.

    The major attraction caused by tourism lies in the monetary benefits acquired. The travel agencies and tourist companies make use of their opportunities in serving and aiding the tourists who are fascinated in meeting and experiencing diverse cultures. Apart from this, a country’s population is benefited from tourism by the various opportunities it offers which includes diversity of jobs offered in hotels, restaurants, car renting agencies, local shops resulting in tackling unemployment in tourist areas. The ingenuous groups lures tourists with their native artforms, cuisines and cultural attires who in turn gets benefited from the profits of selling these goods. The revenue from tourism can be utilized in various development of a country including the maintenance of infrastructure at tourist sites. Also, the revenue can be used in development of other areas of major concern of a country such as education facilities , health facilities and so on.

    While looking from the other side, we could see the obstacles faced by a country due to tourism that can arise out of various reasons. Out of all the affected, the environment faces grave risks damages caused by tourism. A lot of natural tourist attractions are undergoing damages or being destructed due to less or poor care by tourists. Most of these places are often found polluted by plastics or other wastes ,which affects the flaura and fauna of the region. The natural sites such as wildlife, vegetation, water sources, forests, mountains, beaches lost their integrity and natural balance due to the exponential rate of pollution and damage caused. Another disadvantage is commercialization of cultural goods leading to lose of integrity of the region causing people focus on profits rather than preserving cultural identity. The countries depending only on tourism for major part of their economy can be adversely affected during the off seasons.

    Thus government should be aware of the adverse effects of tourism that can’t be undone if left unchecked and take appropriate and adequate measures in protecting the environmental identity and integrity of a region to maintain ecological balance and preserving its natural self.

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