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  • Shoaib

    June 22, 2021 at 11:20 PM

    It has been seen that the crime rate among teenagers is badly increasing in few countries and it is creating a big challenge for the governments, societies, and nuclear families to control. As mentioned in the below paragraph, I am explaining the reasons for crime and the ultimate solution in our society or countries.

    As we observed that many teenagers have low sources of income or lack of jobs in the countries to survive, so to fulfill their basic needs many teenagers start unethical activities like theft, killing, abusing, kidnapping, etc. to fulfill their ultimate needs and some of them take hypertension that causes to strat more drinking and smoking. Another reason for increasing crime is that people are not practicing their religious or societal norms or having low awareness about these kinds of ethics that how to behave in society.

    Governments have strong influences on the society to control or reduce crime by implementing justice and law, creating education and awareness in the society by using social media that how to avoid such kind of crimes. However, governments should create more job opportunities and training center for the teenager where they can earn and groom themselves very well.

    Moreover, religion also plays a vital role to minimize the crime rate, for example, in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, etc. where people strictly follow the laws of Islam there we have seen a very low crime rate because Islam strictly prohibited the use of alcohol, killing, discourage divorce and promote equal rights for the men and women the but those countries where no religion followed they have very high crime rates like 80% to 84%.

    In conclusion, we can control the crime rate in our countries or society if Governments play their active roles and parents should take responsibility to look after their children and fulfill their needs until they have some other source of earning. As well if teenagers strictly follow the norms and values of their religion or societies, it will also help to reduce the crime rate

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