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  • E Anjali

    June 22, 2021 at 11:22 PM

    The exponential growth in teenage crimes has been one of the major concerns faced by most of the countries around the world which needs to be discussed and dealt with within no time since the foundation for the future generation depends on the teenager community.

    When we look into what fueled this drastic increase in teenage crime rates ,we could come up with a handful of reasons which begins from one’s home itself. Most of the children who had grown into teenage criminals were brought up with little or no guidance or from their parents or guardians. As we know the character development of a human being is at its peak during the early childhood days, where one’s character or self can be nurtured with values if guided properly. Apart from home, the education system of a country often neglects its responsibility in shaping the generations by administering value education in curriculum.The lack of proper guidance in choosing friend circles ,most teenagers fall prey into viscous cycle of drugs or alcohol where they loses their self-respect and rationality leading to crimes.Uncontrolled access to media at a young age often leads children to innumerable traps awaiting for them in the virtual world luring them by offering monetary or other forms of benefits. For instance, the famous killer game Bluewhale gained attention of the whole world by its ability to trap people ,among which the major focus was on teenagers.

    The situation can be tackled with proper and timely measures taken by government which is need of the hour. Education curriculum must focus on children being instilled with moral education which includes teaching of human values and harmony in family and society.Stringent laws and actions against crime can be brought by the government to cause fear amongst teenagers . Moreover, the juvenile organisations of each country must assure that the children or teenagers are raised in a healthy and proper environment by their parents or guardians at their homes. Students in schools must undergo regular counselling and trainings on character development and should be undergone through cultural and physical activities improving their rational thinking ability. Children must be brought up with the awareness of the hazards awaiting for them in the society such as media threats and traps, drugs or even at times toxic friendships. Apart from these, parents or guardians must be made aware of their responsibility in raising their children as responsible citizens, whose negligence at times can lead their own children grow into criminals.

    Thus, together the government, educational systems, parents and guardians must pave ways for their children to grow into responsible citizens who are aware of universal human values they must abide.

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