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  • Arsh

    June 22, 2021 at 11:24 PM

    Over the last few decades , crime rate among teenagers has risen drastically and there are various possible reasons associated with it , which we will discuss in the paragraphs given below along with the measures that can be taken to avoid such crimes.

    To commence with , firstly , the primary reason of why the crime rate has went up is peer pressure and the urge to get accepted in certain group among children. This can be clearly seen by the number of cases that happen every year where teenagers get arrested for crimes such as drug selling and steeling things to afford products or things that their parents can not buy just to be able to show that to their friends.

    Asserting further , one of the other main reasons can be media showing gangsters as heroes , which would impact the mindset of a child in a negative way. There are various cases of eve teasing seen nowadays by teenagers because they believe if their movie character can do it , it would be some sort of appropriate thing to do.

    Although , it would be nearly impossible to decrease the crime rate completely , but there are numerous solutions that can be adapted to avoid it to some extend , one of them being good parenting. Parents should always be vigilant enough and should provide guidance to the child to follow right path and direction. Another very significant method that can help is involving teenagers into various extra curricular activities that the child is most interested in such as camping , singing , dancing etc. ,thus distracting them from any other inappropriate activity. To conclude , I would like to say that though crime rate among teenager has hiked immensely but if taken proper course of action can be avoided to a great extend.

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