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  • Sakshi

    June 22, 2021 at 11:42 PM

    One of the major growing concerns that have brought to society’s attention is the conclusive rise in the cases of teenage crimes that have been observed in many countries over the last few decades. It is very important to get to the root of this problem and know why it occurred.

    Some reasons for the growth of this issue is because of the environment they are brought up in, there may be cases where these teenagers may have faced violence in their surroundings, whether it is in the form of domestic abuse, school bullying, cases of mental torture, gaslighting or in worst case scenario child abuse. This type of acts eventually leads to breeding more violence, thus putting the child through mental warfare at such a young age which potentially converts these into crime.

    Another reason may be because the psychological condition of the child because the mental state of any person plays an important role in determining the difference between right and wrong, thus it is very detrimental for the child to be guided in the right path. Some of the issues affecting the psychology of the child can be the peer pressure to follow their friends even if it is wrong, inferiority complex, low status in terms of wealth.

    So, every problem needs some solutions and to prevent further crimes is to immediately report such cases of violence to the concerned authorities. For instance, the promotion of child helpline numbers among kids by conducting such awareness programs in schools, by television advertisements and on other platforms like social media. This problem can also be prevented if the teachers are made to create social awareness clubs discussing these issues and make the child aware of them. Another solution to the child’s psychological condition is to provide counsellors and make the parents understand the importance of therapy.

    I think this problem can be prevented if society and the parents themselves make an environment that is comfortable for the child, by making these changes there is potential to make the child feel happy and safe.

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