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  • Shyam

    June 23, 2021 at 8:27 PM

    Now-days all most all countries are encountering crimes by teenagers other than any in past years. Teenagers crime ratio are increasing rapidly in modern life style. It is tremendously stressful as teenage is wonderful time of life where they should busy in building a career and secure future. There are many reasons for increasing crime ratio in teenagers. In this essay, some reason for problem and with solution will be discussed.

    Teenager’s crime is not country specific. It is all over the world. It does not matter country is developed or developing. Crime rate is only observed in countries where healthy families does not exists. Children coming from functional family are less likely to get involved in crime. They have fear of authority will naturally deter from indulging in this sort of activities. Families are single main cause of these delinquencies. Children became problems for societies with higher rate of divorce. In these cases children came to one parent, single mom or dad. The chronic absence of single parent have all huge emotionally stress on them. Other is higher living standard with out financial support. Teenagers are becoming fond of precious items as mobile, watch, branded clothes even motorbikes as well. Some of them are going to club with paying steep cost. To full-fill their desire and maintain status they commit crime by robbery, drug supplier and others as well. Another main reason is glorification of violence in films and electronic media. All of these can influence the impressionable mind of a teenager. They might even arrive at the conclusion that it is fashionable to be a criminal.

    To tackle these issues, parents can play vital role for them and societies. As they are main responsible. They should avoid family breakdown at any cost being a role model. They should mentor their children specially in adult with kindness and love. Parents should have a healthy environment to their child in all ages. They should closely monitor their children activities in school or playing ground as well. When children is busy with his studies and extra-curricular activities he is unlikely to have the time to nurture criminal tendencies. Even government can play some impact with enforcing strict law on crime with more youth centers and good job opportunity. There are many other ways to overcome teenage age crime on other hand too. If these action are taken now, situation should be prevented from deteriorating further.

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