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  • Dhaval

    June 23, 2021 at 9:04 PM

    In today’s competitive world, our younger generation is putting more and more efforts to be stay outstanding which in turn is making their life more stress full. This essay will discuss about the fare comparison about the older days vs present days. Firstly, we will discuss about the old days teenage life and secondly we will discuss about the present situation

    In the past, there was fairly less competition in the world. This was giving chance to our teenagers to make balance between their study & other extra curriculum activities. They got an opportunity to spend enough time with their family & friends during their leisure time. For example in older days we found many kids spending their whole summer vacation at their relative’s homes & playing with the friends for the whole vacation. This not only develops good qualities like working in Team, sportsmen spirit but also help them to develop their mental abilities for doing their studies in much better way.

    Whereas in recent days, due to more & more competition in every field, we find our teenager spending most of the time with their studies. They often run around to meet the dead lines. For example, after passing their higher secondary exams they have to prepare for various exams for higher studies in good colleges. Due to this continuous pressure, they do not get enough time to get socialised with their family or friend to get relaxed. Instead it impart more & more stress to them which not only effect their mental abilities to perform better but also push them towards the addiction of dangerous drugs like substance.

    So in my opinion, though is it always better to have more sincere about the key goals of life, society should always encourage & guide our young ones to create balance between the studies & leisure time. Only by this way we can ensure a healthy future for our teenagers.

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