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  • Abhishek

    June 23, 2021 at 9:08 PM

    Changing Lifestyle: A Boon or a Ban?

    A wise man said: “Time is the only thing which is constant but the way we lives and carries ourselves at particular time is what all matters”. The way people used to live their life in the pre digital age were indeed a less hectic and stress free, I strongly agree with this notion because with the advent of digital age people are becoming more anxious & impatient. The present generation so called the millennials lacks the element of patience in them when compare with generation x or generation y. This have been already proved by several researches time & ago.

    The recent survey done by the Psychological Institute of America puts forth the horrifying results which shows the number of people across the world who took psychologist or psychiatrist consultation have increased to 4 times of what it was in the last decade. Psychologist X have clearly proven by his study that digital age & present lifestyle has negative effects on human health. The paper was also published in Harvard Journal last month.

    Everyone are so busy & equipped in their electronic gadgets and tools these days that they hardly left think of the time to spend without it. The dependency on gadgets & digital equipment’s have increased several folds. It is impossible to think of living without it. For instance, think of a situation where you have no or low battery in your laptop or mobile, how restless one becomes in this particular situation is not something very difficult to imagine. We mended our day activities as such that we barely spend anytime with our family members, friends or relatives. We have no idea that in this process we are harming our mental health & as a result we are making our life’s more stressful & miserable.

    Although, we cannot deny the fact that these days, it is very difficult to live the life our parents lived because of the advancement in technology and other patterns of living around it. But, one thing is for sure that if we can make sure to keep a check to live a balance life also to adapt a lifestyle where our first priority is to have a well & healthy state of mind, only this thought and idea can pull out of this situation where we can life a stress free life.

    To conclude, I would mention that human is a social animal who always need a support from other being around them. To maintain a right balance of emotional, intelligence & spiritual quotient one must learn to de-attach them from all the things which makes them stressful and unhappy. the best way to achieve this is spending time with the loved one’s and also by practicing yoga & meditation in this fast pace life.

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