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  • shubham

    June 23, 2021 at 9:10 PM

    In this era of digitalization, where every information is available so easily as compared to older times,life of teenagers must be a rosy ride. However, many people believe that todays young generation is far more stressed as compared to the older generations. In this essay, the arguments surrounding the issue of teenage stress will be discussed.

    Nowadays, competition in every educational stream is really high which is putting a lot of mental stress on children.For instance, to get admission in the top educational institutions like IIT’s and IIM’s in India, young aspirants really need to study long hours and even after that there is no guarantee of receiving admits.Moreover,the limited number of seats in these prestigious institutions makes the competition even more tougher.However,I believe the competition in educational field was not so stiff in the earlier times.

    Another point to consider is that in today’s world teenagers are exposed to more products than earlier generations as a result of living in a modern consumer society. Through films and the media, they see celebrities with expensive jewellery, clothes and cars. In addition, youth-oriented advertising gives them an awareness of the latest technology such as digital music formats and mobile phones. Consequently, teenagers feel pressure to acquire these items. Some might argue that these pressures are not new. However, I believe that such stresses were not so strong during earlier times.

    On the other hand,it might be true to say that modern generations are exposed to a stressful life but it doesn’t necessarily mean that stress was previously absent.In earlier times,children didn’t have the luxury of internet for finding out the information easily. Medical facilities were extremely poor, as a result children suffered from various diseases which led to the rise in stress levels. Furthermore, most of the work was done manually due to less automation which led to surge in physical stress.

    To sum up, consumerism and academic pressures are powerful causes of stress on today’s teenagers. Nevertheless, it is my view that these stresses are no greater than those experienced by earlier generations of teenagers.

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