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  • Shafi

    June 23, 2021 at 9:12 PM

    Most of the Today’s teenagers are living stressful lives compared to previous generations. In today’s world teenagers are dealing with multiple thing from education to social media. Many of the teeeagers are unable to cope with the competition in today’s world in education as they were put in peer pressure by the parents and society to score good marks which is leading to anxiety. In the previous generation teenagers have to deal with education alone and the pressure used to lot less of scoring top ranks.

    One more reason which is putting teenages under stress is online class as it is not much interactive they are facing hardships and it have has become very difficult for parents to monitor their kids online.

    Second reason which adds up is Use of social media where kids are being put into pressure by them self and their friends for their social media engagement and following. The merly number such as number of likes, comments and views are pushing them into stress while this problem does not exist in the previous generation teens as the smart phones did not evolve during that time.

    Thirdly, performance in cultural activities are becoming stressful as they are being seen as prestige issues in the society by the parents and schools. However this activity should be a stressbuster but chasing of awards is has lead to this scenario.

    In conclusion, The boom of smartphones, exploding of social media and growing competitions are the reasons which are causing stress in tenagers.

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