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  • Rekha

    June 23, 2021 at 9:19 PM

    Mordenisation and development has given rise to more competitive and better growth which has lead to more stress in today’s youth. Everyone wants to excel in their own field of work,and do better then before,this mindset has encouraged people to do more,acquirer more knowledge and be multitasking at the same time. This has made them to ignore their own health, or do things in organised manner where in their work and health is been taken care.

    Nobody is satisfied with one income,they look for multiple sources of income and to have that,they need work in different fields. Every fields has some sort of targets and deadlines, and to achieve that health is at the last of their priority list, specifically the young ones, so they just go with the flow.

    Teenagers look for challenging jobs,where in they can showcase their talent and intelligence within them,this gives them a sense of satisfaction and niche over others,as they gain exposure and expertise in a particular work it is for sure that in next project they are in. Too much of work at different levels and no peace of mind leads to a stressful life which not noticed initially till it makes more damages to health of the youth.

    Materialistic demand is also added on to it ,today’s youth wants to have all type of latest gadgets and automobiles, whether employed or not,having the new ones is in their mind always. If not got they start building negative presumption about themselves, not getting any of the stuff leads to their lower performance too.

    Weather its knowledge or materials, people start eny others very quickly. Many youngsters join particular course or work just because their friends are there or its a status symbol in the society, irrespective of their own interests and capabilities which leads to negative consequences in future .

    It’s always good to upgrade ourselves with the best possible things ,but one should not be go crazy for same,it’s perfectly alright not know few things ,what matters the most is the well being, if that is maintained, rest all will fall in sequence. It is important to plan and give priorities to what is most important without forgetting the health factor. Earlier people didn’t had much to worry about their future neither they had so many opportunities as we have have now, it was very presided and well balanced by them which is missing now, it doesn’t mean that they were not hardworking or go getters, but still they performed well both at work and at homes, they do had very good health without any of multivitamin tablets which today’s generation uses.

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