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  • Gnanaprakash

    June 23, 2021 at 9:29 PM

    Teenage is the sweet spot where you get a chance to explore and experiment. From generations the pressure curve for the teenagers kept rising for various reasons and doesn’t seem to settle anytime sooner. This essay will discuss mental health and stress issues in comparison with current and previous generation teenagers.

    Starting from tasks, teenagers these days get their feet wet in a variety of extracurricular activities which leaves them having very less time and end up having a busy schedule. While not everyone has a dedicated schedule, few kids find themselves taking in a lot of physical and mental pressure to reach their deadlines unlike the previous generation. The exposure and opportunities to the outer world is immense in comparison.

    Factors like fear, peer pressure and expectations plays a key role in one’s life. For example, growing up my grades where constantly put out to compare with cousins and neighbors which took a heavy toll on my mental health. While a awful lot of kids don’t get a chance to pick their choice of study, education stood to be a major contribution for rising stress levels. While a decade ago, as most of the teenagers calmly moved on with their lives with whatever life put in their way they were a little less prone to stress and mental issues.

    In Conclusion, as the life cycle is evolving and changing rapidly with new inventions and rapid breakthroughs happening all over, teenagers involve themselves doing a lot in very less time. Proper management of time and opening up and talking about the issues should solve this problem.

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