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  • Mayukh

    June 23, 2021 at 9:33 PM

    In this contemporary world it is often observed that young people in our society suffer more stress than in the previous generations, as they live in the world of technology and advancement. In this essay, the different opinions regarding the issue of teenagers stress will be discussed.

    Firstly, teenagers are now exposed to additional products that technologically more advanced than the earlier generations due to the globalization. For Example, now-a-days no-one purchases a phone which isn’t SMART enough to have enough features to get the control of all the essential things through a single device. Thus, anyone can do anything, like, watching movies, listening music, attending online classes, purchasing any item through online, money transactions, official work, book car services, and many more. On the contrary, these things are making any youngsters lazier in terms of doing hard work, which results in the failure to complete any kind of homework that requires physical and mental strength, which ultimately lead to stress.

    Secondly, in my opinion, teenagers have to face several issues and situations that were less or not present at all in the past. For example, a crucial role is played by media and social networking sites. In other words, during present days teenagers are being influenced by their friends and other people and they constantly try to keep up with the latest trend in order not to be judged by other individuals. In my opinion, being always criticized by other people and being always in competition with the others can lead to severe mental stress.

    Thus, to conclude, I personally agree with the statement that today’s teenagers have more stressful lives than previous generations, because nowadays teenagers are often seen fighting against critics, judgments and unwanted comments that can upset them.

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