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  • Aman

    June 23, 2021 at 9:53 PM

    It is commonly argued that teenagers now face more anxiety than bygone days due to several factors.Personally, I stand in accord with this mentioned viewpoint .This essay shall entails about many of the obvious reasons which are contributing towards the attributes like youth-pressure,strain ;followed by analytical conclusion.

    Firstly,the utmost priority of almost every teenager is to fulfill their ambitions by giving wings to their dreams.Thereby , there basic to become self-reliant and they usually followed one moto “work hard, work smart” to accomplish their desired goal owing to which they think a set of approach to hit their targets sooner with flying colors in order to match their shoulder evenly with cut-throat global competition.So; every now and then,individual minds are oftenly occupied with the strategies to win over their competitors and to stand firmly amongst the crowd which automatically hampers one brain with stress and youth-pressure due to work loads.

    Secondly,technology is flourishing by leaps and bounds and most of individuals seems to be addictive with the latest social media from where they follow some prominent celebrities in order to know more about their lavish lifestyles and activities carried by them which create detrimental effects on the individuals as they try to engulf comparison factor in them and teenagers feel the trivial pressure in acquiring the luxurious items like renowned persons.

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