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  • E Anjali

    June 23, 2021 at 10:55 PM

    Sports being one of the most celebrated and devoted cultural activity around the world, the needs of hosting an international sports event is undoubtedly necessary, but the opportunities and obstacles generated in a country due to these events needs to be discussed. I do partially agree on both aspects of the necessity of hosting international sports events.

    To begin with, the opportunity for a country to host an international sports event brings in honor and also the greatest advantage lies in the enormous fame and recognition it receives globally. The organizing of international sports event such as Olympics, FIFA World cup ,Cricket World Cup and so on entails huge preparations and planning which begins a lot ahead of its schedule under the guidance and organized supervision of concerned sports authority and government of the host countries. The preparations to receive a huge and diverse audience catalyzes the development and renovations in various aspects of the country including its infrastructure, accommodation and travel facilities. These preparations to bolster the image of the country also creates a rise in job opportunities contributing towards the fortifying economy of the nation. For instance, the recent changes in infrastructure and economy over the past 5 years in Qatar to host FIFA world cup 2022 is drastic and unimaginable.

    The major reason for people to demur the idea of hosting international sports events is because of the way it turns out to be lucrative for tourism in a long run which in turns affect the economy of the nation adversely. This contradicts the believes of proponents of International Gaming events such as, these events having beneficial aspects for local people. Even though the events are fugacious, the cost of investment on development and infrastructure is enormous which otherwise could have used for integral public needs of the nation.

    Thus to conclude, although the views and opinions on conducting national sports events are contradictory, the final outcome depends on the economical stability of the nation. If the country is economically stable to face the losses if any, it could benefit from the honor and fame received, in spite of the monetary loss. Whereas a less stable country receives honor but might suffer in a long run.

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