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  • Arsh

    June 23, 2021 at 11:11 PM

    Hosting international sports event can be of great significant value to the countries but there are some of the negative aspects associated with it as well. In my opinion , organizing an international sport event in a country would have more benefits which overshadows its disadvantages.

    To commence with , firstly , the primary advantage would be improved relationships between countries .For instance , when a country invites candidates from different places they get a chance to showcase their cultural values as well as unity their country holds. Thus , it is apparent that it would fortify the bond between countries.

    Asserting further, another main reason would be providing entertainment to the local people. Some of these events are basically treated as festival in few countries where everyone enjoys them either by watching them on television or seeing them live. For instance , in my country cricket is treated as a festival and is enjoyed by mostly every citizen. Though these events are fugacious , but provides happiness to viewers that can never go wrong.

    However , there are many drawbacks associated with it as well and one of them being that these events are extremely costly for some developing countries. In countries where economical conditions are not that great , where the residents are suffering from unemployment issues or hunger, spending money on these events can be demurring.

    To conclude , I would like to say that organizing international events are quite beneficial for the country but should always be conducted if the country can handle the financial loss they are going to face afterwards. If yes , then these events can be quite lucrative for many reasons.

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