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  • Seema

    June 23, 2021 at 11:35 PM

    Sports which can improve us not only physically but also mentally. Nowadays, sports are very famous all around the world. Sports events bolster everyone’s attention,As a section of the society believes that making arrangement for international sports events is beneficial for the host country whereas other demur at idea of hosting such events. I strongly agree that international sports event is good for the country.Both views will be discussed in this essay.

    Without any doubt organizing a sports events entails a lot of planning and preparation, that would bring considerable economic benefits to the country. For instance major sporting events like the world football cup or the olympics events will required several things that the host should think about. For instance, the host should calculate the costs of building new infrastructure such as stadiums and facilities that are necessary for the event.Many countries have difficulty in doing so, because an international sport event could be very costly.

    For many it will be economic opportunity to deal with.First of all, the host will have a chance to sell numerous tickets for the events.And many tourist and visitors are involved and seemed to be happy during their stay,which subsequently leads to the growth of the currency. Secondly, by organizing such events the current generation will be interested for their traditional sports. They may develop interest on specific athelete so that the become an idol of them.

    Others say that this not a good practice to encourage these kinds of events as they might lead to insecurity or can damage environment. Since a lot of people will be visiting the country during such events, incidents like terror attack could happen and they will responsible or would be blame for it, which may affect the reputation of the country.

    In conclusion, in my opinion if any nation planned for organizing an event in their country has both advantage and disadvantage but if we organized or planned properly it results good.

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