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  • Sakshi

    June 23, 2021 at 11:37 PM

    International sports events have been organized since the time of the colonization period and are still taking place all around the globe, thus various countries take part in hosting such international sports events. Moreover, people have quite a different perspective on this subject, some people think that it is beneficial for the host country, whereas others demur to the thought of this idea and I completely agree with the former statement that it indeed brings various opportunities for the host country, so let’s have a look at sides of the topic.

    Although these international sports events are fugacious, they play a major role in bolstering the reputation of the host country all over the world, as any international game attracts attention towards the host country, thus not only contributes to fortifying the economy of the country but also helps in improving foreign affairs of the host country with all over the world by hosting healthy sports competitions. Another reason is that these games act as a catalyst in bringing lucrative tourism opportunities, thus increasing employment opportunities which ultimately helps in the industrialization of the region where the event takes place.

    The downside of conducting these events is that it entails a lot of beforehand event management and if on the day of the event any mismanagement occurs, the host country is always blamed, thus tarnishing the reputation of the host country. Another drawback is that conducting such games costs a lot of money and this money is usually from the pockets of the common people. For instance, in the 2010 Common Wealth games conducted in India, the government had build guest rooms for the players but the rooms themselves lacked in many aspects, this issue was publicized by the media which led to questioning where the tax money went.

    In my opinion, with the right plan, these international sports events can bring a lot of opportunities which is beneficial to the host country as well as bringing sports as a unifying moment for the world.

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